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Addax and partners on the road across Europe

In recent weeks, the Addax partners have had an intense presence at trade fairs and conferences across Europe, meeting their customers.

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Addax presented with the Designregio Kortrijk Award and the X50 Design Label

Apr 24, 2018

Every second year, Designregio Kortrijk looks for around 50 innovative products and cases that are developed the Kortrijk region. In this last edition Addax was rewarded with a Design Region Kortrijk Award and the Design X50 label for the Addax MT.

Addax is very proud to be part of this latest edition and selection.


Clean Power for Transport: a project to accelerate the electrical conversion of the fleet in Flanders

Apr 24, 2018

In collaboration with Westlease and the Flemish Region, a leasing formula has been specially developed to facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles. On purchase, the electric vehicle is slightly more expensive than its thermal counterpart. In use, however, it is much more economical and above all more predictable: no more fuel, no filters, no oil changes, no expensive periodic maintenance, and taxes and insurance significantly reduced or nonexistent. This makes it an ideal product for leasing.

To convince the market, this project aims to increase testing in cities and industries for a cost identical to that of a real long-term contract (typically 48 to 72 months). The difference between the 'long-term' cost and the real costs of these short-term tests are therefore borne by this subsidy from the Region.

There is currently a fleet of vehicles available for demonstration. The offer includes all types and options available at Addax: closed vans, flatbed with or without hydraulic tipper, positive and negative temperature controlled vehicles. The tests currently taking place are mainly in the services of cities and towns, and local distribution services. Large industrial sites do also participate in the program.

Request your test today via

Easy Go Electic logo PMS347 (2).jpg

Addax in the starting blocks in the Netherlands

Apr 24, 2018

Addax now also rides on the Dutch roads: with our new partner Easy Go Electric our vehicles are now available in the Netherlands.

Easy Go Electric has been a qualified expert in the automotive electric market for many years. Its focus is mainly on the practical ability to insert and use the electric transport mode in an urban environment, so as to use its strengths to their full effectiveness. This is an ideal match with Addax. Addax electric vehicles are available in various versions: platform, hydraulic tipper, closed cargo or refrigerator, fully customized to the needs of the user. With lithium batteries, an autonomy of 110 km, a speed of 70 km/h and a payload of 1000 kg, these are perfectly adapted to city transport.

Our models are now used in towns and cities: green and gardening services, road and cleaning services, but also private companies such as industrial maintenance or cleaning services, the last mile distribution of goods and services on the market, and postal services. The vehicle also benefits from various subsidy schemes depending on the country of registration.

With this introduction of Addax MT by Easy Go Electric, the electric utility vehicle market in the Netherlands is distinctly expanded with a robust, high-performance and customizable solution. In this way, it is now possible to provide a better response to the growing demand on the outskirts of the city with electric vehicles, but also to bring larger volumes to and from the city centers.


New option: A Refrigerated Addax

Jul 17, 2017

During this particularly hot spring season, you have been many to ask us for a refrigerated option for food deliveries downtown or in your entertainment park. Addax was already working on an innovative concept since several months and we are now happy to  introduce our 'cool' version of the Model MT.


Brussels Environment '17

Jul 17, 2017

Last June 13th, Addax Motors took part this year agin at the electric vehicles roadshow organised by “Brussels Environment” with the support of ASBE (the Belgian member of AVERE, the European Association for Electric Vehicles). During this session, many fleet managers of both private sector and public entities within the Brussels Region could touch and feel the electric technology. Several models of bikes and vehicles were available for test-driving, as well as the ad-hoc charging infrastructure. The participants could also ask their questions directly to the several manufacturers, and could successfully test the last Addax model: the MT15, on the Tour and Taxis site in Brussels.

Think by Drohme.jpeg

Droh!me launches "think"

Jul 17, 2017

Droh!me has developed «Think », an annual gathering around sustainable and new economies, here and in other parts of the world. The first edition of “Think” by Droh!me was all about Mobility. A unique opportunity for Addax to present its urban solution for short distance transport: the Addax MT10, a 100% Belgian, 100% electric and 100% ecological truck. Perfectly fit for works and deliveries in a large city like Brussels, a park like Droh!me, but also smaller municipalities, universities, postal services and many more.


A sustainable future for transport in European cities

May 18, 2017

Traffic lights that adjust based on vehicle flow, self-driving vehicles, bike sharing, and smart pavements that provide public Wi-Fi access: just a few ideas for making cities smarter. Cities and towns have embraced the “smart city” concept: they use (or will use) technology to manage their urban assets, reduce consumption of resources, reduce costs, improve the efficiency of services, and disseminate information to the public in digital format. All of this in order to make the area a better place for work and play. Nevertheless… embracing a smart city concept is just one - making it a reality is two.  


Future mobility challenges of living in a (smart) city

May 12, 2017

As we speak, the world is becoming more and more urbanized. Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, but researchers expect it to rise up to 66% by 2050. Cities have to deal with a huge flow of people, and must rethink city transport, treatment of water and waste, environmental methods, communal spaces, housing, …, and how are they going to manage this evolution. That evolution means that smart cities have to face some challenges, like liveability (quality of life), sustainability (resource and energy efficiency, environmental protection and pollution) and workability (working environment, income equality and economic productivity). The next table provides an overview of many different fields cities have to work on, so that they can become better places for living.


Examples of e-mobility in cities today

May 5, 2017

The electrification of vehicles is a hot topic these days - and that’s definitely justified. Countries are trying to find out how to implement this “new” way of transportation, in order to fully exploit the many advantages of this innovation, and reduce negative climate change by doing so. Different cities are already doing significant research and have discovered some great principles and methodologies concerning electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. Let’s take a closer look at three of them!


The role E-Mobility will play in smarter cities.

Apr 28, 2017

Cities are the focal points for some of the most profound economic, environmental, social, and technological issues facing the world today. This is the reason why they are continuously trying to innovate and find ways to work together, and to bring opportunities to the marketplace. Not the least of these is the need to move to cleaner and more efficient energy resources and transportation, which will meet the demands of urban populations and expand people’s lives.


Making smart cities more attractive places to live is a climate strategy

Apr 20, 2017

The bad news? Climate change is everywhere. Ever since Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, global warming can and must no longer be ignored. People are wasting the earth’s rich sources at an unseen pace. City-living puts major limits to the sustainability of our planet’s strengths, and restricts one’s daily outdoor enjoying. The good news? Urban designers and civic planners are booking great results concerning urban green space projects. Introducing nature into cities  - and that’s not just parks - is slowly finding its way in today’s society. Let’s call them… smart cities!


Millennials: a portrait of generation “next” and mobility

Apr 13, 2017

It feels like yesterday since “millennial" sprung into the collective, global vocabulary. Marketers, scientists and researchers are head over heels in love with people born after the early 80s. This is partly because they are so different compared to previous generations, and that fact requires new approaches and insights. For years, the millennial segment has been defined as the generation between 18 and 35 year-olds. Today, this definition is too narrow. The millennial segment anno 2017 isn’t distinguishing because of income or age, but because of how they see the world. This dynamic market group is focusing on individual expressions and a sense of disruption, rather than following rules defined by preceding generations. How can we describe this one-of-a-kind group, and where do they stand in terms of mobility?

logo-salon-des-mandataires copy.jpg

Addax Motors presents a new connected e-LCV at Salon des Mandataires

Feb 10, 2016

The Addax Motors-team proudly presents in avant-première a new electric light commercial vehicle.

"The future of electric vehicles is golf carts, not Tesla"

Oct 2, 2015

Harvard Business Review writes about “Disruptive innovation” in the automotive sector.

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